Chalupa Batman

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The sun rose on a beautiful fall morning. Chalupa Batman began to tend to his crops, but before he did that, he decided to munch on some bittersweet, chewy candy known as ‘Sour Patch Kids’ for breakfast. As he left his house to tend to his crops, he came across a vile, roadkill-like, smell. He decided to follow the smell to determine the object responsible for the disgusting smell that met him at his front door. He noticed a small black creature with a white stripe down its back sitting in front of his barn. The animal then looked up in awareness of his presences. Once Chalupa Batman got too close to the skunk, it released a cloud of odorous gas right in Chalupa’s face. Angered that he now has to rid himself of the horrendous stench that the…show more content…
While checking the traps for any stray animals that had wandered onto his property, he noticed that every single trap had remained unoccupied throughout the night. Upset by this discovery, he came to the conclusion that he should spend more time on his bright green, tall and healthily crops and worry about stray animals later. As he began fertilizing his crops he came to a sudden stop when he realized there a way for him to get rid of the stray animals without having to worry about getting sprayed by a skunk or get poked by a needle-like porcupine. He decides to build a little area for strays to come and go as they please. He went around his farm and into his barn looking for anything to build a gate or a fence over by the barn since that seems like that’s where they are hiding out. Once he finished with his gate he decide to let it set out food that stray animals would love to eat. As he finished his work he stepped back and admired what he had done for the little animals. Hoping that the animals would make use out of their little new area that he has created for them. Satisfied he went back into his home and eat the left over Sour Patch Kids from the other day and got ready for
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