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If you’re considering buying a smart garage door opener to keep your car or other personal things more secured, you can confidently go for the Chamberlain Group PD222. The system is available at an affordable price, being the the choice of many customers. The Chamberlain is one of the many brands of the Chamberlain Group and all the garage door openers sold under this brand are easy to install, without requiring the need of professional installers. Besides this, the Chamberlain brand is considered one of the best in this industry, being a reliable and safe solution for all those who want to increase the security level of their garage. So, if you want to find out more about what the PD222 model can do and which are its main characteristics,…show more content…
Therefore, we have to mention the fact that the Chamberlain Group PD222 features an advanced multiple code system which changes the code every time you open the door. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any intruders that may get the code and enter into your garage. Furthermore, the infrared safety sensors projects an invisible beam of light across the door opening, so in case the door detects something while its opening, it will automatically stops and reverses back. This is a great feature, especially if you have children or pets, allowing you to feel more relaxed every time you use the door opener. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t feature motion detection lights that go in automatically every time it detects motion. Also, in case you encounter some problems with the unit, you can open the door manually by disconnecting it from the railing system.

Accessories The included accessories that come with the Chamberlain Group PD222 are 2 batteries, so you can keep one for you and one for another member of the family. Here we also have to say that the system features a tri-band frequency technology that allows you to interconnect it with the remote control. Additionally, you can easily operate the device from the control panel, but a remote control is much easier to use. Also, for more convenience the 60 W lighting

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