Chamberlin Pines: A Short Story

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As I enter Chamberlin Pines Swim and Tennis club I already feel sweat forming on my head. Mrs. Emerson, my boss, exclaims that it is extremely busy today! She then goes on to ask how my day was before coming to work. In response I answer “that my day has been fairly boring, it has been too hot to do anything.” As I put on my lifeguard pack and my whistle I greet my fellow lifeguards and ask “how is it down at the pool.” Both of them reply “the kids are getting pretty crazy.” I begin to walk down to the pool through the clubhouse, I think to myself “I expected that these kids are acting insane it 's summer and it 's boiling hot out here.” As I exit the clubhouse I put my sunglasses on and begin to walk down the walkway toward the pool. Now
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