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[Variational Scale Pigment of a Chameleon]

[Adrian Dela Cruz Perdio]

[Bataan Peninsula State University]


This synthesis paper includes the study of the variational scale pigment of a chameleon, how it happens, does it affects the chameleon and is there any effect of this changes in the scale of a chameleon in our environment. I am going to answer my questions hoping to be able to cope even your own questions.
I considered reading other synthesis paper from different people who made their own thesis, making sure not to plagiarize it .Summarizing them for this synthesis paper to be more efficient and informative.
I also searched the internet to sight explanations and definitions
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Chameleon’s are also born with zygodactyle feet, or pincers. These foot of chameleons are ideal for tree climbing.Chameleon’s also havea extremely unique tongue. These tongues is used to catch out –of-reach insects and snap up foods. Also these extremely unique tongue of chameleons has the ability to stretch and reach up tpstwice of the length of the chameleon’s body. It has been recently discovered that smaller chameleons a larger tongue than those larger than them. Tongue stretching in reaching their prey can happen in as fast as 0.07 seconds, having been launched at acceleration exceeding 41…show more content…
A chameleon’s colorful beauty is truly skin deep. Under the transparent outer skin are two cell layers that contain red and yellow pigments, or the chromatophores. Below the chromatophores are cell layers that reflect blue and white light. Deeper down is a layer of brown melanin (which is alike to the brown melanin that gives human skin its various shades). Levels of external light and heat, and internal chemicals reactions cause these cells to expand or contract. A calm chameleon for example, may exhibit green for the reason that the somewhat contracted yellow cells allow blue-reflected light to pass through. An angry chameleon may exhibit yellow, because of the fact that the yellow cells have fully expanded, thus blocking off all blue-reflected light from

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