Marketing Case Study: Champs Shoes

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Champs Company

Champs is one of the most important shops who sell Jordan, Air Force, and many other types of athletes shoes, It is a subsidiary owned by Foot Locker and its main location is in USA. The main issue is that anyone who would like to wear this kind of shoes must get them by shipping, must wait till someone he knows living abroad to decide to come for a visit, or must buy them from the highly priced market in Lebanon. Lebanese market pricing is around the triple the price found in USA stores. This business is revenue generating due to high demand on this kind of shoes especially basketball shoes because basketball is the most important sport in Lebanon ( Lebanon is ranked 23th worldwide and third in Asia).The team will
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Factors to be studied in the company are the financial structure, marketing strategies, and management plans. The project will test how a decrease in the selling price of Jordan and Air Force shoes would lead to the success of Champs to become a leading company in the Lebanese shoes market. The market competition is fierce due to many brand names available however the project will focus on a focused market plan to achieve success.

1.2 Need for the Project

Lebanese in general love fashion and market expertise believe that Lebanese are overwhelmed by brands. The clothing and shoes market in Lebanon is broad yet companies lack competitive advantages due to sticking up on fixed range of prices. On the other hand, the economy in Lebanon is in a big recession due to what is happening in Syria and the whole Middle East region. This lowered the buying power of people and lead to a shift of demand from luxurious products to necessities. People prefer buying their needs only rather than spending around $200 on a shoe. This is a main point to be tackled in the project whereby Champs will be selling the same shoes sold in a competitor such as Nike however with a lower price to encourage people to buy. The team will study the effects of the conflicts in the Middle East region on the Lebanese retail shoes industry. Since Lebanon doesn’t
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“Just for more information, there is no footlocker in Beirut, the footlocker branches are located in zalka and city center “so Beirut citizens go to zalka or city center to buy the same products offered in champs but for more cash, that’s why we expect high revenues.

1.4.2 Time Scope

After five months, Champs will be ready to start its operations and serve its customers. The five months will include renovation of the store and preopening advertising. The inventory order will also take around five months to arrive to the Lebanese port.

1.4.3 Organizational scope

It is important to narrow the organizational scope of this project so that it becomes easier to point out the main members of the business. The organizational structure of champs will consist of a head manager and a sales manager with 4 sales people with a cashier, in addition to the managerial roles. A marketer and advertiser will be needed, so people know about the new

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