Chaps Fried Chicken Case Study

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At Champs Fried Chicken, The employer and his staff like to run the company as a united, integrated team (family) and not as an ' old school corporate structure ' where employees feel like mere numbers. Each employee becomes a member of the Champs Family / Team. We like to use the term coach in place of supervisor and team member for responsible task positions during a shift.
Team members are trained to be multi skilled so that each one can offer assistance to others in an area which is under stress. Service area and Front of the house may be under stress due to an influx of customers, or Back of the house and kitchen may need extra support
The employer/Manager - The employer basically foresees everything that goes on in the business. He does not have staff for every specific line of duty; he does everything himself, for example, stock
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It’s the most suitable legal form of business for someone who wants to run their own business and basically work alone who is responsible.

Written/Unwritten rules
I will mention the most important rule in the business;
At Champs Fried Chicken each and every decision we make must consider the customer first and the irony of the fact is that if we consider the customer first in all things, we are in actual fact looking after ourselves first.
Written rules are rules you have to abide to that are presented to you in plain sight, like on print hard copy (surveymonkey, n.d.)
There are a few written rules such as;
Staff should always be on time for work, the staff also should not stay out of the workplace without notifying the employer with a valid reason as to why they will not be able to be at work. When the author was at Champs Fried Chicken doing his hours he witnessed a staff member having to sign a written warning as she stayed out of work without notifying the
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