Chance The Rapper: An Analysis

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Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, has made a sudden appearance in the world of rap since 2012 when he released his first album “10 Day”. Since then, Chance the Rapper has gained popularity with his albums “Acid Rap” in 2013, and most recently “Coloring Book” in 2016. Chance the Rapper is known for his quirky and free-flowing raps about things that are important to him, like his native city of Chicago, freedom, or even his faith. His creative process to make genius raps sometimes take weird directions and fully understanding how this artist makes music is very amazing. In Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast “Hallelujah” , Gladwell describes how certain genius creations can take different pathways to perfection. He compares Picasso…show more content…
Especially on the way he created “Acid Rap”. In an interview with HipHopDX, Chance the Rapper explains how acid rap was “less of a conceptual project”. “Acid Rap” was actually made mostly while on LSD or acid. Chance the Rapper continues to go on how he would do acid, find a beat he fell in love with, freestyle while on the acid, and then return at a later time when he wasn’t high. He explains that the acid allowed him to think about things he never would usually think about and be creative. After letting the acid high go away, Chance the Rapper would return and edit and tweak the “acid raps”. This is how his album “Acid Rap” came to…show more content…
The acid was the way he could think deeper and longer about some of the most important things in his life. Chancelor Bennett grew up in a rough neighborhood of southside Chicago. He raps of freedom, his faith in God, family, and the city he grew to love. In an interview with Billboard, Chance the Rapper explains that he starts with a either a theme, emotion, or narrative, and works from that. Chance the Rapper recently made a song as a tribute for the late Muhammad Ali to be performed at the ESPY Awards. In the interview with Billboard, Chance the Rapper explains that he imagined he was his mother, writing a letter to Muhammad Ali. Starting with that topic, Chancelor Bennett then imagines how her southside younger mother knew and respected Ali when he lived in Chicago near Chance’s

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