Chandra Akella Case Study Essay

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I. Thesis Though, Chandra Akella is a working professional, he is passionate to put the extra efforts to be successful at college. He is committed, to stick to a well defined plan, for effective utilization of his time. He is open for evaluations and flexible to make required adjustments accordingly. A. Chandra is passionate to be successful at college. Chandra is passionate to be successful at college, and that passion is driven by his career aspirations. He has clear and well defined objectives, in pursuing his college education. By earning a Management Degree, he can leverage his industry experience, and combine with appropriate management skills, to give impetus to his professional goals. He strongly believes, learning at college…show more content…
He wants to make sure, he has quality time for regular excercise, good sleep and family, which are equally important for him. C. He is open to evaluate and make adjustments to his routine, per need. While dedicating the extra efforts through his plan, Chandra wants to evaluate his utilization periodically, in meeting his commitments, and make the required adjustments per need. He strongly believes, he should remain adaptable and responsive to the situations. By evaluating his utilization of time periodically, he wants to plug the gaps and make it more optimal. This may leave room for spending extra time with his family , or for potentially taking an extra course in a term, which will be a bonus for him. III. Conclusion With strong passion and commitment to put the extra efforts to be successful at college, blended with a good plan to utilize his time effectively, along with the flexibility to amend his plan per need, Chandra is better positioned to be successful in obtaining his Management Degree. His success at college would lay the path for his successful professional
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