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Bags Brand name has become very important of fashion nowadays, as it is a way of presenting products that everybody focus and need to own. In particular, women group that to be crazy in Bag Brand name such as Dior Bag, Louis Vuitton Bag, Hermes Bag, Prada Bag, Gucci Bag, Chanel Bag, etc. This is because goods product can to higher demand of customer. Even Chanel Brand to start by Coco Chanel or Christine Gabriel Chanel. She is born in poor family. She is the countryside in German. And she is afraid very poor. When she is grow a young woman. She wants to have one business. So she begins to design store and hat product. She can to enter to demand of market until at this time. Chanel Bag creates a new product. Everybody will know to this is Chanel Bag. This is identity them. Especially, Logo…show more content…
All women like beauty no matter makeup, shoes, clothes, accessary, body & face cream day or night, etc. Just you have a happy everything that you to do. It’s that so good. So Chanel brand is thing that all women want to keep use your own like to others brand. I like her Coco Chanel that create design, invent fashion, product that popular last past to in present. Even if her to happen poor family that very poor and don’t have education like to others people. In conclusion, this image is very perfect because Chanel Brand is leader fashion, individual values, favor each era each period, etc. All ladies are born to like beauty, habit draping, etc. Coco Chanel create this brand too love. She has an ambition because she is not back the same child. She is successful in fashion area. She has idea that fantastic and no the same another who. Chanel Brand create mix and match the perfectly all. This is the perfect intelligence of her. Chanel Bag give to simplicity, luxurious, the fashion don’t like to whom. She can breaking into the business successful

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