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Why Is A Chanel Classic Flap Bag Worth Buying?

Have you ever spend more than half a day deciding whether you should buy a luxury brand product or not? Are those products going to worth the money you’re paying? If you’re a true fashionista, then you would know that a handbag can make or break your outfit of that day. In addition, you would also know that Chanel’s products aren’t cheap which those are one of the many examples of the high involvement products. So, why is a Chanel Classic Flap bag worth it’s price?

Consumers consider purchasing products either by their satisfaction of the products or the services. While making such purchases, consumers display a high or low involvement. High involvement products are products where extensive thoughts
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Moreover, as everyone knows that Chanel Classic bag isn’t a low-priced product means that the consumers would take a longer period of time to make decision before purchasing. Let’s say I wanted to buy a Chanel Classic flap bag, there are five steps for consumer buyer decision process. First is the recognition, when I knew that I want this bag. I would firstly go to a department store, website, outlet, and a Chanel store. Secondly is the information research part, this step is where I would start looking at prices such as places where I could buy the bag at the cheapest price. I would be doing researches about the product. Is it easy to take care? What’s the quality and mostly what would I get from paying a certain amount of money. Third is the comparison. I would be comparing bags between model, years, designer, and material. Also, taking a look at the different features of the bag such as the factors mentioned above including the colors of the bag and chain, the quality of the leather, which leather is used, and the size of the bag. This would help me think whether or not the bag is worth the investment. Fourth step, once I found the item that I like, I decide to purchase it. During the process I might have a reconsideration on purchasing the handbag, I might…show more content…
This step is similar to the step where I purchase decision as I might oftenly talk to myself and think whether this Chanel bag is worth the money I’m paying or not. Next, directed interpersonal communication shows the face to face communication between the Chanel’s salesman and I. Directed interpersonal communication doesn’t use only words but various elements of nonverbal communication involving body language. In addition, body languages could drive the relationships between the sales and me. As it’s main purpose is to influence such as when the Chanel’s salesman gave me good services and persuaded me to buy their bag in order for me to be loyalty to their brand then make a repeat purchase later on. Move on to the Mediated Interpersonal communication, it involves technology that assists or links various parties in communication. For example, when I first realized I want a Chanel Classic flap bag so, I used the Internet to help me do some research about this bag. Lastly, Mass communication is a more public form of communication between an entity and a large diverse audience. It is mediated by some source of technology including radio, television, newspaper, magazines. For instance, where did I find out this bag? From a magazine? From a radio? Or from an

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