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5. A: Whilst each author has their own view of Chanel, each source discusses the importance of her style in modernising and liberating women 's fashion. Ingrid Sischy for example, maintains that Chanel was far beyond her time and that her part as a revolutionary fashion designer played a key role in the liberation of women. Catherine Driscoll also asserts that Chanel was a key figure in the modernist movement of fashion, whilst Linda Simon calls her an entrepreneur that encouraged women to move into the workplace and rebelled against the gender expectations of the earlier 20th Century. Justine Picardie is not quite so fervent and awestruck, but still retains that Chanel had no doubt climbed to wordly acclaim in an age steeped in sexism. While it can be argued fashion and style are recalcitrant to feminism, Chanel certainly brought about a change. A change that drove away the idea of confining women 's garments such as corsets and replaced it with everyday materials like jersey and wool. During Chanel’s beginnings in the 1920s, many women relied on material goods to express their wealth and class. Each author discusses the change Chanel brought to women’s history in the United…show more content…
lt was important to my topic as Simon does cover Chanel 's rise to fashion and her impact on the fashion world. However, much of the book concentrates on Chanel 's love life, and does not give enough information on her skill and dedication to fashion. Still Simon 's opinion on Chanel 's legacy is well worded and helped me a great deal in understanding what she brought to women 's clothing from 1910 onwards. As my theme includes Chanel 's rise to fashion, the first few chapters in particular were important in my research. She spoke of Chanel 's beginnings as an entrepreneur and businesswoman, and used well researched archival resources. She certainly appreciates Chanel 's work, and her cultural and social

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