Change And Diversity In The Chrysalids By John Wyndham

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Change and adaptation are necessities in a growing community. In the novel “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndham, lack of change and diversity in Waknuk causes unnecessary sufferings, which later on leads to their own destruction. The Waknukians obsession over purity and the true image of God prevents them from thriving as a community. Their fear of change causes the betrayal of their loved ones. Eventually, David overcomes old traditions to embrace his abilities and diversity - a quality that many Waknukians do not possess. The Waknukians’ belief in purity stops them from growing and evolving due to their fear of change. Ultimately, their kind will no longer exist as a result of their decreasing purity rate. They believe mutants and deviations are blasphemies to the true image of God. However, mutants are the ones that are evolving. They are much stronger and bigger creatures. “The moment he set eyes on the huge creatures standing twenty-six hands at the shoulder, he knew they were wrong… One of those brutes could do the work of two, maybe three, ordinary horses” (Wyndham 36). The characters know that there is a defect in the horses, yet since they are government approved, they are left untouched and are able to reproduce naturally. Due to their mutation, the government takes advantage of their “flaw” because of how powerful they become. Their mutation allows them to advance, something that Waknukians are incapable of. Similar to David’s situation, Waknukians are restricted from…show more content…
The book portrays the idea that to thrive as a community you must have change and diversity. Qualities such as trust and loyalty are put to the test to overcome fear. Characters who think and act differently from the rest can expect abandonment from the ones they trusted the
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