Change In A Giver Perspective Essay

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Change in Perspective Being a giver is hard, and it is even harder to be a successful giver. When givers are not aware of traps when giving, they can become doormats and get stepped all over by takers. Therefore, avoiding traps is important for givers. In order to be a successful giver, one needs to change their points of view when thinking about their struggles. According to Give and Take, the three traps are “too trusting, too empathetic, and too timid. ” I think change in a giver’s perspective is very influential towards how he or she will act and what result he or she will receive. Sometimes, givers trust everyone they see, and they think everyone comes to them with a good purpose. It is a nice and encouraging perspective, but not a right perspective.…show more content…
Sometimes, it is for people to become “pushovers,” which means they compromise too easily. Many people do not get a raise in their jobs because they are afraid to talk with their bosses about taking more money or asking for a promotion. In this way, they should understand that they deserve what they are asking for, and there is nothing wrong to take whatever you deserve. Adam Grant also gave a solution to this one. When you are frightened asking for more, you should think of all those responsibilities on you. Usually you are not just working for yourself, but also your kids, your partners, and your whole family. Thinking this way, you can have more mind support when asking. For most of times, your bosses will understand your situation and reasonably decide whether raising your salary. In Give and Take, Adam Grant commented on Sameer’s case, “This was an otherish strategy. One the one hand, he was doing what givers do naturally: advocating for other people’s interests. On the other hand, he intentionally advocated for his family, whose interests were closely aligned with his own.” Sameer’s case perfectly demonstrated the strategy that givers should use when they are
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