Change In American Political Beliefs

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I believe that there was a change in American political beliefs due to numerous different factors that I will outline in this essay. These include the Wall Street Crash,Hoover 's unpopularity and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’.
There was a change in American political beliefs during the 1920’s and 1940’s this was partly due to the Wall Street Crash which lead to the great Depression. This changed political beliefs because as people financial situations declined they looked to the government, particularly Hoover, to help get things back on track with the economy. Hoover struggled to fix the problems that arose from the Depression because of his individualism ideology. It took Hoover along time to introduce any policies which caused the public
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FDR becoming president also shows the change in ideology of the American public because of difference in his political ideas compared to other policies put forward by all presidents before him. This is because he wanted the state to get involved in people 's lives as FDR saw that this was the only way out of the Depression but in his campaign for election he was purposely vague about his ideas and policies because although people 's ideals were changing they were still fundamentally a laissez faire society. FDR knew this and didn 't want to scare people away with his fairly liberal ideas.
The New Deal was one of the main reasons for FDR’s election win in 1932 and this shows how ideals had changed. The new deal was the idea that the government should be creating jobs and restricting the freedom of the banks in order to restore the economy. The new changes started to take effect between 1933 and 1938. This shows the changes because in previous years the public would have been dead set against it because they would feel that it was moving closer towards communist ideas.
There are other factors that show people 's ideals did not change like how FDR told people about the new deal. He was purposely vague about what the new deal would entail. This was because FDR knew that people would not be openly accepting of such
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Another reason you may say that the ideas did not change were because FRS’s new deal began to fail and he faced opposition from within his own party as politicians from the south began to reject his more liberal ideas. Roosevelt 's opponents accused him of interfering in local politics. And democratic voters agreed with these criticisms. In almost all cases, they rejected the candidates supported by the president. A few months later, voters in the general election gave the Republicans major gains in both the House of Representatives and Senate. This showed the breakdown in communication within his own party which then made him weak to the Republicans. The public watched as slowly FDR began to lose control over the government and this may have shook their faith in his leadership and his ideas. The public slowly began to retreat back to their small government views. Whilst all this was happening tensions were beginning grow overseas and this was bad for Roosevelt because america still had its very isolationist views but FDR wanted to get involved because he saw that that was the only way to help america strengthen its economy if it were to have strong
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