Change In Christianity Between 600 And 1450

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Between 600 and 1450, religion in Europe changed in that a schism occurred and Russia converted to Christianity. However, there was a near nonstop conflict between the popes and political leaders throughout this time.
A major change that occurred between 600 and 1450 was Russia’s conversion to Orthodox Christianity. In 980, Vladimir I, a ruler of Novgorod who had fallen from power, returned from exile to Kiev with a band of Varangians and made himself the grand prince of Kievan Russia.Vladimir I of Kiev began his new rule with trying to find a new official religion for Russia. After much careful consideration, he chose Orthodox Christianity. Vladimir converted to Orthodox Christianity in 988 and opened his land to Orthodox clerics and missionaries, causing many churches to appear in Kiev. This extension of Orthodox Christianity provided a barrier against the eastward expansion of Latin Christianity. It also introduced a new system of writing, more specifically the Cyrillic alphabet devised earlier for the western Slavs.
Another prominent change that happened in this time period was the schism between the the Latin Church and the Orthodox Church. The schism, which is a formal split within a religious community, was caused by a
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The conflict causing the schism in 1054 was known as an investiture controversy. An investiture controversy describes a dispute between the popes and the Holy Roman Empire over who held ultimate authority over the bishops in imperial lands. Popes of this time were corrupt and desired power. They started the Crusades to establish their power over the rightful rulers of Western Europe. The Crusades were armed pilgrimages to the Holy Land by Christians determined to recover Jerusalem from Muslim Rule. Regaining control of the Holy Land was a way of showing the emperors that the popes had jurisdiction in their

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