Change In Interstellar

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Interstellar is a science fiction movie that focuses on space travel to save humanity from a dying Earth. In the beginning of the movie we are shown that there is something wrong with climate based on all of the dust storms and dying crops. Although Interstellar does a decent job at showing us that climate change is occurring, the movie actually lacks important aspects of climate change such as explanations and realistic solutions, therefore Interstellar does a terrible job at explaining climate change. In order to show you that Interstellar does a poor job at defining climate change I will explore different aspects of the movie and of climate change. Although change in climate is made somewhat clear in the movie because of the dust storms and the farmers having to burn down their crops, what actually made the farmers lose their crops is…show more content…
Although the beginning of Interstellar really hooked the viewers with a storyline that seemed relatable, the end of the movie left us feeling hopeless. At the end of the movie we were left feeling wary for Dr. Brand because the planet that she is on did not seem safe. Turns out Cooper has to save Dr. Brand and bring her back to their new home somewhere in space. The only intelligent thought would be he is going to save her because she is not safe where she is right now. Viewers were also left feeling hopeless because the movie only gave us one solution to climate change and that was going to space. There is no chance that humans would survive in space the way that the characters in the movie did. It would take many years for us to figure out how to reside on another planet. For a good climate change movie to happen we need to feel inspired to get out and do something good for our planet, but the reality of the movie is that it left a us feeling helpless. If the movie would have portrayed a realistic answer to climate change, maybe there would not be such of an impending doom because we can not seem to fix nor adapt to the
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