Change In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel “Lord of The Flies”, by William Golding, it follows the adventures of Ralph, Jack, and Piggy regular innocent school children forced into a game of life or death. They all represent different sides of human nature and go through various character changes during their experience on the island. These changes will be documented in this essay as well as their important actions and choices made in their electrifying event. In Lord of the Flies, the first character introduced is Ralph, the charismatic Fair haired boy, whom is the focus of the second paragraph in this essay.. Ralph is quickly chosen as a leader and his initial thoughts of this event were along the lines of having a fun time before they get rescued in a couple of days.He…show more content…
Ralph is our protagonist in the story , however our antagonist is Jack. Jack is introduced as a strict controller, shown by him assembling a choir and made them sing and wear their uniforms in the hot weather. the first impression of Jack was a strict controlling yet, agreeable Ruler. He wants to be a leader but lacks charisma which the boys see in Ralph. He then becomes a hunter, explores the island by himself, and creates an obsession to kill a pig for meat, which he eventually conquers his goal. After killing the pig Jack becomes a rebel and goes away from the group. He makes his own group and rules by fear and controls everyone who is in his group.He and his group kill simon because they think he is the beast,He makes a friendship with Roger and trains him to be evil and become a torturer.Roger eventually murders piggy which impacts Ralph. At the end of the story he chases Ralph and we do not know what happens to him. Piggy is the last main character in the novel.Although he perished and did not survive, his message and purpose stays with character’s throughout the book. Piggy is introduced as a logical thinker and a physically useless character. He has asthma, a condition in which due to spasms in the lungs makes breathing harder, as well as glasses used for bad eyesight.He is described overweight or obese and the children use these physical traits of his to bully and disrespect him.…show more content…
William Golding had character purposes for each main character to resemble a certain person and thought process in a society. Jack resembles a savage side of human nature shown by his obsession with killing and being a dictator. Ralph symbolizes a civilized person in society shown by his attempts to maintain a strong societal structure throughout the book. Piggy embodies a scientifical logical aspect of human nature shown by his common sense solutions and thoughtful idea’s. Despite the boys attempt at a utopian society in this book the boys changed as people and expressed their outlooks on society by their actions.These three character’s changed from their innocence, becoming children in an adult
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