Change In Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Inception

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Tipping Inception The novel Tipping Point is written by Malcolm Gladwell and is primarily a book about change. It is a book that explains why things spread, become trendy, and entirely create change general. Change is what makes the world so diverse, things are continuously happening and making society not a routine but, a system of events that we must adapt too. Gladwell states that ideas move through the world just like an epidemic. It’s the idea of how a small spark can create a forest fire, revolves around many principles in life. The fact that small things create big differences. The stories and concepts learned in Tipping Point can be also seen in the movie, Inception. Inception is a story of criminals that use the most effective…show more content…
Revere is what Gladwell calls a Connector. “The first – and most obvious – criterion is that Connectors know lots of people. They are the kinds of people who know everyone.” (pg 38) What made this phrase “the British are coming” spread like wildfire was who Revere knew. He was a very well-known person and many important people knew him, not as a friend but as an acquaintances. “He was, for example, gregarious and intensely social… was a fisherman and a hunter, a card player and a theater-lover, a frequenter of pubs and a successful businessman” (pg 56) Due to his social connections, his friends and acquaintances trusted him and were willing to spread the rumour onwards to their friends, thus creating a chain reaction; a ‘virus’. This law was also seen in Inception. In that case, a character named Yusuf who is a multi-billionaire is on a quest to see one of his competitor’s crash and making his company the most powerful. His method is by planting an idea in his competitor’s son, Fisher, through his dreams to destroy his father’s empire. He has the access and help of many others for equipment, money and guards. It was through his knowledge the team came to know about Fisher’s Godfather, Peter Browning, which initiated a small word–of–mouth epidemic. The fact that word-of-mouth only works with people you know, and by having someone impersonate Browning gained the trust of Fisher and was the first steps in planting the small idea in him. Connectors like Revere and Yusuf share social qualities that allows a phrase, an idea, to spread through their social status and large
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