Change In Najmah's Journey

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(AGG)War forces individuals to change(BS-1)Najmah is more mature because of the war.(BS-2)Dressing as a boy forces Namah to be more independant.(BS-3)Najma makes more of her own decisions after meeting Nusrat.(TS)Najmahs experiences during the war cause her to become a more responsible person. (MIP-1)The experience of having her home being destroyed by the war caused her to be more mature.(SIP-A)When Najmah’s father and brother were taken by the Taliban and she had to take care of her mother.(STEWE-1)Mada-Jan was so upset that baba-Jan and nur were taken by the Taliban that she wouldn 't even get up to eat so najmah has to make her want live again by saying “you may choose not to live, but the baby and I need you. And the flock needs food. I don 't want to die”(staples 38).…show more content…
(MIP-3)After najmah meets nusrat she started making more of her own decisions.(SIP-A)Najmah started becoming more mature because she can live on her own and make her own decisions so she can survive.(STEWE-1)Nusrat gives najmah a place to and to eat.”when I finish eating, she gives me a glass of milk. I can only drink half”(Staples 204).(STEWE-2)Nusrat gives Najmah a place to sleep.”I will prepare your bed for you so that you can sleep. She pats my hand again and leaves the room”(Staples 204).(SIP-B)Najmah decides that her and nur are going to Golestan and not go to America with Nusrat.(STEWE-1)Nur and Najmah reunite with each other after being separated for so long after him and baba-Jan were taken by the Taliban.”I run to nur and throw my arms around him. His face crumples like a price of burning paper when he sees me, we stand face-to-face staring at each other for a long time”(Staples 251).(STEWE-2)”Najmah and nur decide to go back to oldest an and fulfill their father’s dreams.”we have no choice but to return to Golestan,says Nur quietly. Uncle or someone else will surely take our land if we don 't go back”(Staples 256).(CS)Najmah and Nur go back to Golestan and fulfill their

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