Change In Pyle's The Merry Adventures Of Robin Hood

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” -George Bernard. Change will always be hard, but you need adjustment to happen for progress. Being able to accept development is hard but it is not impossible, accepting changes makes it easier to pursue through tasks. Change is a huge part of growing up. In the novel The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle, Little John changed from his perspective of Robin Hood, his many lifestyle, and his different types of families altered.
Your perspective of people or place shapes the identity in your eyes. Little John’s perspective of Robin Hood changed when he invited him to join his band (Pyle 9; prologue). Little John’s perspective of Robin changed again after robin denied the silver plate he stole from the sheriff (76; ch.2). Robin then made Little john give the sheriff back his silver plate. When Little John moved to different places to do different things, his living conditions changed. Little John’s perspective of living conditions changed when he joined Robin’s band (9; prologue), When he joined the sheriff’s party( 65; ch.2), then going back to the band(76; ch.2), and then going on his own(285; ch. 8). Your body has to adapt to everything that happens, it’s hard to take in so much at one time.
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His lifestyle changed when he went from an his own(1-7;prologue) to Robin’s band(9; prologue). He changed from relying on himself and looking out for himself, to helping everyone and being interdependent. His lifestyle also changed from being an outlaw to being in the sheriff 's party(65; ch.2). When Little John joined the sheriff’s party his judgement on the world changed also he thought about the world differently. He didn’t have to worry as much about defending himself. Even the smallest change can trigger really big changes in the person 's actions and
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