Change In Romeo And Juliet

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A mark of a good story is that the protagonists change from the beginning of the story to the end. Sometimes they can change from a well-respected being to someone who makes terrible decisions, or from a person who makes terrible decisions to a well-respected being. The change in a person usually depends on their environment and the people they choose to socialize with. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, there are particular changes in all of the main characters that can be pointed out by the end of the book. Juliet is the one that changes the most and acts differently towards the end of the play. She has a lot of changed behaviors and characteristics such as deciding to commit suicide, considering all factors when making a decision, and finally,…show more content…
In Act 1, Scene 3, Juliet obeys her mother and listens to what she has to say to her. She cares that her mother thinks well of her and wants to make her happy. There is a big change in that characteristic. In Act 3, Scene 5, she has a big argument with Lord and Lady Capulet about marrying Paris. She firmly tells her parents that she will not marry him and for that Lord Capulet says he will disown her if she dares to make such a decision. Juliet shows very less respect toward her parents and thinks that the time is in her favor. Juliet, in the beginning, would have showed much more respect that the Juliet at the end, and her change caused by her love. In conclusion, Juliet definitely changed a lot from how she was in the beginning of the book to how she acted towards the end of the book. She made decisions like committing suicide, fighting with her parents, and considering all the factors when making a decision. However, some may say that Romeo is the one who changed a lot because he ended up killing Tybalt but only let to his banishment from Verona. Although, Juliet’s changes and decision caused them to die by killing themselves. Their changes caused a lot of chaos and led to the dramatic ending, their
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