Change In Scrooge And Marley A Christmas Carol

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People can change in different ways. Some things change them very suddenly, but sometimes it can take time. A sudden change can be caused by choices, wants, and decisions. There are different ways that a sudden change can happen. One of those changes happen by their decisions. People make their own choices. When Scrooge from the story, Scrooge and Marley A Christmas Carol “Act 1” Israel Horovitz,got taken with the three spirits he decided to change himself. When he got taken with the first spirit he got taken to the past. He was not as grumpy as he was. He saw himself when he was younger. His younger self was more cheerful that he was now. Then the second spirit came he got to see what happened to the people on that morning. He saw that everyone was happy and cheerful. Even the people who were needy. When he got taken by the third spirit everything changed. He got to see what happened to his stuff. He also got to see his grave. He got frightened and the spirit said that if he didn’t change his ways he would be like that. On that day he changed. He made a choice to change himself for the better. One other way somebody’s…show more content…
People make their own decisions. In the story At the Crossroads Nick Kleckner had a decision to walk across the entire United States. He bought a one way ticket to Florida. He used to live in California, but he thought that his life was boring. Nick was in a rut. He said that his life lacked higher purpose. He felt a lot of pressure, stress, and anxiety. That is why he took a one way trip to Florida. People called him Hobo Nick. He’s been through scorching deserts and endured nights of pounding rain. It was sometimes hard for him to find food. He would sometimes eat out of dumpsters. He walked 2,500 miles and lost about 55 pounds. His last stop was at Huntington Beach, California. His family and friends were waiting there. He is planning to do another cross-country
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