Change In The 5th Wave

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In literature, characters relationships often change and evolve as they progress with time and effort. I want to address to my readers is that everything changes and that nothing stays the same. Change is everywhere, especially in literature . An example of how a character’s relationship changes and evolves would be in The 5th wave by Yancey. The main character which is named Cassie and Evan, one of the “others”, as told in the story, are a perfect example of a change in a character 's relationship.The character 's feelings change which then affects the work as a whole. Their feelings progress from hatred to falling for each other. "The others" are what the civilian called the unknown aliens in the ships that came to take over the earth.…show more content…
Cassie and Evan 's relationship changed and evolved throughout the book. So at the beginning of the story cassie 's relationship with Evan started out as untrustworthy. Everyone is initially suspicious of everyone as they might be one of the others. Evan gains Cassie trust when he helps her out tells her that if wanted to kill her, he would have already. They eventually end up kissing each other. On their trip cassie gets mad at evan for not telling her that he was one of the others. Evan tells her why he didn 't shoot her which is because he had fallen in love with her. I could tell that cassie had feelings for him too. At the end of the book, evan risks his life for cassie by blowing up the camp of the others. Cassie desperately waits for evan to come out of the burning building. But how does the characters change of relationship affect the work as a whole? These two meeting each other was a very significant part if the story. Evan has provided a lot of help to cassie in many situations. He helped cassie go and rescue her brother from camp haven. With evan, they were able to destroy the camp that belonged to the others. If cassie wouldn’t have met Evan, she probably wouldn’t even have made it far enough to where she had rescued her brother. The plot progresses when evan comes into play. By blowing up the others camp, they might have saved the earth. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey was an amazing piece of art and I can not wait until the second and third books
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