Change In The Novel 'Parvana' By Deborah Ellis

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In the novel ‘Parvana’, the characters experience a number of changes. The characters experience a number of changes. What are these changes come about?
In the novel, ‘Parvana’ by Deborah Ellis, many characters experience change. Change is often thought of a process where a person or thing transform/convert to be different or becomes from one thing to another. It also means that to substitute another or other for exchange for something else, usually of the same kind. In the same time, characters such as Parvana go to change. Parvana changes physically when her hair was cut to become a boy. She changes emotionally, as she becomes a stronger girl in the footsteps of Malali. Finally, Parvana’s mother changes emotionally due to the effects of the Taliban civil war and the loss of her son.
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She changed because she had lost her father due to the Taliban taking him away. He was the only male that can take a female outside. Since his gone, Parvana had decided to transform into a male, “All right,” she said. “I’ll do it.” pp 68. She had to change physically within her appearance because Nooria could of done it, but it looked like she didn’t have the appearance for a male body, “No one would believe me to be a boy,” pp 67. Parvana had to modify herself because Parvana’s mother was so desperate to dress someone a boy to feed the family, ‘They were going to turn her into a boy.’ pp
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