'Change In The Watsons Go To Birmingham'

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Change Characters? Characters change right? Well, who has changed the most in “The Watsons Go To Birmingham” the two semi-final candidates are Byron and Kenny. In my belief it’s Byron. He stops being lazy and rude, he gets new looks, best of all he starts to care for Kenny. Let’s start with outside. He is very strong sometimes referred to as the “god” of the school his traits don’t pop just an average in a crowd. However, his hair takes a big turn once he dyes his hair a reddish-brown and gets a “conk” haircut. Momma and Dad did not approve. “Well, judging by the condition of your hair I wouldn’t say thinking is one of your strong suits”. Dad shaves his head. He is left with hair shavings and a small regular haircut. Usually, Byron is mean
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