Change Management: The Importance Of Change Management At Vodafone

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Vodafone Group is a British multinational company and is currently the second world’s largest mobile telecommunication. In March 2014, Vodafone had 434 million subscribers worldwide. The company, nowadays, operates in 21 countries all over Europe, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, United States and Africa. Plus, Vodafone has another more 40 networks in other countries (Vodafone, 2014).
Vodafone has the power to keep going growing with an attractive range of products and services. Within the kind of industry Vodafone operates in, it is the fastest growing and changing environment globally.

By constantly expanding its services and using the latest technologies, Vodafone has years after years brought over some different concerns about
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So, in order to keep satisfying its customers

and at the time be able to compete with the other telecommunications organisations, Vodafone should understand that it is essential to adapt and modify its services.
This case study is focussed on the change management that Vodafone should implement internally in order to growth more ethically. The PMI’s Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report (2014) reinforces the importance of change management by explaining that in today’s unstable environment with the degree of change rushing, organisations that have effectively accomplish strategic initiatives save more money and are also set up to gain a positive competitive advantage.

This report will be structured in order to develop the role and importance of change management in organisations nowadays, followed by the meta-model of continuous transformation to understand why Vodafone should operate a change, plus a change tool management being the total quality management to be able to explain how Vodafone could manage it and finally by establishing a list of recommendations. Moreover, the resistance of change will be also mentioned.

The role and importance of change
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This meta-model demonstrates the significance and importance of the ability to change rapidly and adapt the strategies to the fast growing world. Burnes (2000) reinforces his point of view of this meta-model by demonstrating that the foundation of this continuous transformation model is related to the actual environment that changes “rapidly, radically and unpredictably”. By using this meta-model, Vodafone should be able to survive and maintain its environment properly and keep

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