Change On Earth: The Phenomenon Of Climate Change On Earth

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The phenomenon of climate change on Earth We all know that climate change is becoming more complex today. Scientists say human beings are one of the major contributors to global warming, causing the greenhouse effect. Earth Climate Change is a change of climate system including atmospheric, hydrosphere, biosphere, current and future lithosphere by natural and artificial causes in a certain period of magnetism. By decade or millions of years. The change may be to change the average weather or change the distribution of weather events around an average. Climate change is limited to a certain area or can occur all over the globe. Global climate change makes weather phenomena change more extreme than before. All over the world in the world…show more content…
More, hot sun is also more fierce. Global warming not only affects the surface of the sea, but also affects areas deeper than the sea. Accordingly, in the deep sea more than 700m, even the deepest point of the ocean, the water temperature is warming up. Sea level rise at an average speed of 1.8 mm per year in the last century. Using satellites to measure sea level, scientists say that between 1993 and 2000, sea level rises between 2.9 and 3.4 ± 0.4 to 0.6 mm per year, mainly as a result of the thermal expansion, warming up and melting of the ice sheets. The rising temperature causes the water to expand, melting glaciers, glaciers and continental ice, which increases the amount of water added to the ocean. Scientists warn that if this rising trend continues, rising water levels in the 21st century may reach 28-34cm, some of the islands or lowlands may be completely…show more content…
However, this number has grown steadily over the years and now it is close to 400ppm. According to the International Energy Agency (AIE), CO2 emissions will increase by 130 percent to 900ppm between now and 2050, twice as high as those that are not allowed. Atmospheric carbon shows that the increase in atmospheric CO2 is a result of burning fossil fuels and burning forests, rather than as a result of natural

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