Change School Lunches

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I believe that the lunch menu at schools should not change to a more healthier lunch. In fact, it would most likely cause a lot of issues between parents and the school board. Students would not like the fact that all their favorite foods are gone. Also, students would start packing their own lunches at home and bringing their packed lunch to school. Some kids might just go without eating all together. Teachers could start to complain or the lunch lady's about the lunch change. Another thing is the school could get a bad name or reputation if enough people complain about it to. If the menu is not changed it would save a lot of trouble in the long run. People think the menu should change due to obesity, obesity has nothing to do with healthy…show more content…
If students start packing their own lunch and not eating the cafeteria lunch then the school will be wasting food and possibly even money because the students don't want to eat it. Parents on the other hand might wonder why their child is coming home always hungry and it would be because the child doesn't like the new lunch menu at school. Then the school will have angry parents at their office desk yelling and complaining about the menu being changed because their child is going all day starving due to them not liking the food. Some of the students might blame it on the cafeteria workers when its not their fault at all, which could lead to the lunch lady's to quit their job or start complaining to. Everyone has a different opinion but this one is mine School lunches should defiantly stay the same no matter what anyone says. Some schools and counties believe it is what's best for the children because it's healthier. When really all the change is doing is making things worse. When the students favorite foods are taken away and they get mad and start cussing and getting in trouble parents wont be happy , or even when the child gets upset or most likely
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