Change The Black Community Essay

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We need to change the black community before we end ourselves by our own hands, by stereotype and the foolishness that we set for ourselves and the only way to fix this is to stop taking shortcuts. Do you know how many black people died by another black man? About 93% of blacks are killed in a black on black over something ignorant. By killing ourselves like this you’re letting someone like the KKK win, they didn’t even have to lift a finger to do harm. Real life example of this is a black man here in Atlanta, that killed his own son for drawing on his new Jordans. The logical solution to this was to take nail polish remover and a wet cloth and clean it. Without thinking first he ended his own son’s life and now in police custody, but if he thought about it, his son might have lived to be successful and bought him all the shoes he wanted.
Now we should all know that in our community, we value materials over human life, then once you actually hurt or kill someone you’ll want to place the blame on someone. Once you have done that the hate has carried on from person to person and create problems. How many blacks do you think takes up most of the prisons in the U.S.? We take up more than a quarter of the prisons, most prisons make inmates do free labor which I call 21st century slavery.
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Instead lets change that, not twenty years from now, not a year from now, not two months, not even a week from now. Today, we change the way people think of us not unsuccessful or average joes but over achievers. Give up on drugs; stop acting like animals with no sense and start thinking logically. Start voting to get a minority in office that has the intention to help our community but all communities. We not gonna say black lives matter, but lets say all lives matter. Ignore judgment from others and think higher, rise higher, live higher and be
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