Changes And Character Changes In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Change is the one thing that nothing is immune to. This is clearly shown throughout Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein. The novel tells of a scientist, Victor, who just wanted to make something with his life. Victor spends many years of his life in college where he figures out he has the ability to give life to an inanimate object and sets off on a path of creation. A few years later, Victor completes his task and gives life to his grand creation. Victor’s first look at his “masterpiece” horrifies him and he proceeds to run away; leaving his “child” all alone. The paths both Victor and the monster will lead will be obvious as the story progresses. Through indirect characterizations, it is obvious that, both characters undergo changes as the story furthers. The author conveys Victor Frankenstein’s change by expressing his actions and feeling throughout…show more content…
Life can be rough, and both Victor and the monster figure this out in specific ways. Victor begins by being a dedicated and persistent young lad who just wanted to get his name out there, but his obsession sent him into a spiraling descent into madness; however, the monster figures this out by getting abused, tormented, and treated like a megalomaniac even though all he did was be nice and helpful to everyone he came across. To make things worse, these changes impacted both characters in very bad ways personally. The transformations significantly impacted the way they lived and thought, even bringing on suicidal thinking. If the story would have been any bit different in terms of having a positive change, then the story probably would not have been as entertaining to the audience as it is currently, and in addition, Victor and the monster would have had better lives. The reader can learn through these changes that decisions have effects that will last forever in one’s
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