A Rose For Emily Death Analysis

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Today’s world develops so rapidly that it is hard to keep the pace with changes in social and biological rhythms of human life. Still, not everyone consider changes a positive thing, moreover, many people are afraid of them and refuse to accept any reformations. This fear of changes that was present in all time is probably one of the strongest of all phobias, even stronger than the fear of death that is a variation of the fear of changes. This theme is vividly depicted in the William Faulkner’s story “A Rose for Emily” focused on the life and death of Miss Emily Grierson. This a short story about the woman that managed to stay untouchable by time. Using her character and the collective character of the people of her hometown, the author reveals the peculiarity of human attitude towards changes and death. Incorporating different symbols, he reveals how closely intertwined are concepts of death and changes in the psychology of human behavior. In this story, death becomes a driving force for both changes, and death…show more content…
Pointing out this neighbourship, the author introduces the idea that Emily also can be considered a Confederate soldier. A last representative of highland and mighty Griersons, Emily’s character is argued to be the proud monument of the Old South, triumphing over time and change. This evokes both admiration and pity (Nebeker, 3). Having lived a long life against the background of momentous changes, brought by the victory of the North over the South, falling into madness and misery, Emily Grierson still remains committed to the code of ethics of the South. From confrontation with a northerner Barron, complacent declassed "tumbleweed" devoid of any moral compass, Southern aristocrat Emily, without a doubt, comes out victorious, no matter how sinister her victory may
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