Changes And Differences In Huxley's Brave New World

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6. Comparison 6.1 Changes and Differences 6.1.1 Differences between present and fictional Societies Huxley 's novel is set in the distant future and the society correspondingly has changed in the more than 500 years. The structures of many societies that are nowadays regarded as advanced seem totally outdated to the inhabitants of the Brave New World. Never Let Me Go on the other hand takes place in a recent past and the only addition to the reality is the concept of cloning as a way of providing donors for organ transplantations. Orphan Black also adds clones to the reality, but in a more subtle way, only including a small number of clones and leaving most of the world population in the dark about their existence. The surrounding society is an important aspect in the perception of the situation of the clones and in order to allow the reader/viewer to be able to sympathise with the clones and understand their feelings it should not be too different from present societies. Brave New World does not deal with the problems that being a clone could carry with it, but rather focusses on the entire dystopian setting. Furthermore the protagonists are non-clones (Bernard is an Alpha Plus, Lenina is a Beta (Huxley 38, 53-54)) so a deep insight into the life of a clone in the World State is just not displayed. 6.1.2 Ratio Clones – “Normals” The ratio of clones in relation to “normal” humans changed inevitably between the examples. In Brave New World large numbers of the World State

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