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Health care organizations such as hospitals that are always facing with issues such as satisfaction of beneficiaries and recipients of services, and the growing importance of effectiveness of services are constantly undergoing major changes. This makes the hospital staff consistently work in a changing environment which is necessary to continually adapt itself to the different demands, new technologies, government policies and other initiatives. The implementation of changes in health care organizations is often not successful, and faced with failures. Today, in general, research shows that between 30 to 60 percent and even 70 percent of all organizational change efforts in various organizations, have been unsuccessful and fail. According to…show more content…
Studies have shown that this factor has a great (significant) influence on the resistance to change. Such that research has shown that employee participation in the change process significantly associated with the commitment to change and reducing resistance to it and also increase the adaptability and compatibility to change. Participation by increasing the individual self-efficacy related to the change has the stimulating effect on the change participants which can reduce the individual resistance to the change. Improvement of individual Psychological tolerance to change and create a positive attitude in them is a good way to reduce resistance to change. It can be achieved by reducing job stressors by involving Individuals in the change process and increase their understanding of the benefits of change. The conceptual model was developed by the merger of variables in the model expanded of Giangreco & pecicc2005 study and Oreg scale of personality characteristic of resistance to change. In this model assumed that individual perception of benefits of change and the level of their involvement in the change process directly affects on the resistance to change behavior (Path a2 and b2). It is assumed that personality characteristic of resistance to change variable has a

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