Changes In King Henry Viii

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Many changes have been made over time to England’s government and royal families. However, during the reign of King Henry VIII, the most changes were made compared to any other time period. King Henry took the English throne in 1509 as an intelligent, forceful, and highly charismatic person; while he was also selfish, egotistical and cruel since he wanted to control everything in sight. King Henry VIII had the most powerful reign as king of England as he created many rules, such as the Act of Supremacy, the Act of Treason, and the Act of Succession, which positively changed the way the English royalty system works, all so he could have a son. King Henry VIII is notorious for marrying six times and beheading two of his wives, Catherine and Anne Boleyn. He also repeatedly petitioned Pope Clement VII for a divorce, which he was continuously denied. He pushed through the British Parliament acts designed to reduce the influence of the pope’s representatives in England. King Henry’s defiant attitude caused him to believe he was better than everyone else. His arrogant actions made him infamous around the world. While he had six wives, King Henry changed many rules so he would get his way and be as powerful as possible. As he changed the country to revolve…show more content…
The King was worried that without a son, other countries could overthrow the kingdom easily. Since Catherine was originally married to King Henry’s brother, the king believed that he was being cursed with no sons as a punishment for going against the bible. King Henry also wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon because he was in love with Anne Boleyn during his marriage. Because the Catholic doctrine did not allow for a divorce at the time, King Henry asked the pope to annul Henry’s marriage instead. This clearly did not work, but the king found another way to get what he
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