Changes In The 1960s

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In my essay I will be exploring the movements and wider issues of the 1960s that led to performance changes and I will be exploring the types of music that inspired young people. The 1960s was a time of change in the attitudes of lifestyles of many young people, this leading to gang fights, expressions of sexual freedom and many music styles. Many young people in the 1960s began to align themselves into two groups the mods whose music was bands such as The Yardbirds, The Who and The Kinks. The other group is the rockers whose music was The Beatles, The Doors and Janis Joplin. Post war Britain at the start of the 1960s, Young people were finally given a voice and given freedom to do what they wanted such examples of this are them being allowed…show more content…
Their 1963 success ‘Please, please me’, made major record labels start looking to sign new British rock bands that were pushing the boundaries further, rather than sticking to mainstream acts such as Cliff Richard. The Beatles weren’t just an important band for the generation here in Britain; they were very successful in America as well. But in fact their success in the States meant that Americans changed their opinion of British culture. No longer were the British viewed as posh. As Nik Cohn (cited Miles, 2003, p18) said: ‘If the Beatles meant a lot in Britain they, meant very much more in America. They changed things’. The band played light hearted love songs usually being composed in a softer manner while some being harder. The Beatles songs really focused on the matter of love which influenced young people, many of their lyrics being very important to them, with a lyric such as ‘I 'll write home every day and I 'll send all my loving to you’ taken from their 1963 release of ‘with The Beatles’. They had many of their songs being guitar based which generated a path for the generation to start learning the…show more content…
When 1962 came around, The Rolling Stones had just started and they eventually became a band to rock the nation, The Stones had a bohemian lifestyle which was evidently shocking to the most part of the era, they played an expressive like it or not brand of the blues in the early stages of the band, but in the course of their career they ventured of from blues and continued on to rock. By 1964 The Beatles had become well known and The Stones followed in success, gaining a reputation as ‘The Beatles nasty opposites’, The Beatles had the soft posh boy style whereas The Stones wore anything they wanted, they looked scraggly and really did their best to repulse adult society. A great song from The Rolling Stones is ‘paint it black’ which was mainly written about bleakness and depression. I personally think this is a pivotal song in the 60s which gripped the golden era of music with the lyric such as ‘I have to turn my head until my darkness goes’ or ‘No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue’ the band shows these actions through colour based metaphors which is not only creative but very influential among the generation, this song was very popular because it not only heightened the band but helped them to establish a song with a background on depression. I think this was an important piece of music for listeners at that time because it spoke to people who had experiences of

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