Changes In The Buckman's Changing Family In Parenthood

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The characters in Parenthood appear to be the evolving family for the 1990’s. The Buckman family is comprised of four different parts that include a Grandma, Grandpa, and Larry, the youngest child; Gill, one of the fathers; Karen, Gill’s wife; Kevin, Gill’s oldest son; Taylor, Gill’s only daughter; Justin, Gill’s youngest son; Helen, a single mom; Julie, Helen’s only daughter; Gary, Helen’s only son; Nathan, one of the fathers; Susan, Nathan’s wife; and Patty, Nathan’s only girl. This paper will address the Buckman’s evolving family, including the dynamics of change in the family and strategies for coping with change. The first family in the Buckman family is Gill and Karen. The movie is centered around Gill, the protagonist, and how he deals with family. Out of the four families, Gill’s family is the most “normal” or the only true nuclear…show more content…
Helen has no control over her kids because she will say something to them, and they just walk away as if the conversation never happened. The change in the family was when the kids were young, Helen’s husband left her for his secretary and things weren’t the same. Gary is an oddball that needs a male role model in his life, but instead he copes by masterbates in his room and worries if he has something is wrong with him since. Julie is looking for a man in her life because her father was never there; she makes the mistake of dating Todd who is very unpredictable. They ended up getting married, pregnant and then they broke up in a matter of weeks. Helen is left trying to keep her family together and finding another man in her life, but they end up being scumbags. Looking at it now, I think Helen should have taken more control over her family, so the would listen to her and have respect for her. This is because if they would at least respect her, she would still have some control over them. They could could have even gone to therapy to figure out their fatherless
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