Parenthood Character Analysis

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The characters in Parenthood appear to be the evolving family for the 1990’s. The Buckman family is comprised of four different parts that include a Grandma, Grandpa, and Larry, the youngest child; Gill, one of the fathers; Karen, Gill’s wife; Kevin, Gill’s oldest son; Taylor, Gill’s only daughter; Justin, Gill’s youngest son; Helen, a single mom; Julie, Helen’s only daughter; Gary, Helen’s only son; Nathan, one of the fathers; Susan, Nathan’s wife; and Patty, Nathan’s only girl. This paper will address the Buckman’s evolving family, including the dynamics of change in the family and strategies for coping with change. The first family in the Buckman family is Gill and Karen. The movie is centered around Gill, the protagonist, and how he deals…show more content…
Some of the families were more evolved than others, yet all of them faced problems in the family. Gill’s family had to cope with Kevin’s problems as well as dealing with Gill’s job loss and marriage issues. They coped with it by lashing out at each other, and Gill trying harder to be a better dad. While Helen’s family was different from Gill’s family because she was divorced. Everyone in the family was just looking for a male figure in their life. Julie went after a deadbeat boyfriend; Gary resorted to masterbation and lonliness; and Helen tried to keep her family together while also looking for a new man, but always ends up being a scumbag. Nathan’s family seems like a normal family until you realize what is actually going one. The problem is that Nathan focuses too much on Patty, their daughter than Susan. Susan copes by trying to divorce Nathan and his un-attentiveness to her while Nathan makes a fool out of himself to keep her. Finally, Grandpa and Larry. The main problem in is that Larry is in deep trouble in the mob and Grandpa doesn’t want his kid to fail at life. Larry copes with his problem by wasting more money at the casino to pay back the mob, and Grandpa not knowing how to resolve Larry’s problems. All-in-all, they have a lot of problems in their family, but what family doesn’t. The best way they could have solved their communication issues was just to walk through them, to express what is bothering them. That is easier said than done though. The evolving family is always changing with every problem that arises, but they still

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