Changez In The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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In The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Changez is neither here nor there. He is not part of the fundamental Islamic community. His dreams are desired are very different that from others in the society. He dreams of going to America and fulfilling his desires of wealth, power, and knowledge. Being that his dreams are, they are misunderstood and ridiculed by others. As an outsider in his own country, Changez migrates to the United States. He begins to lose his individuality to become part of the in-group. Despite subtle hints that he is not “one of them”, he begins to consider himself an American. Despite having received a prestigious education, his manners and achievements, he is never fully accepted into high society. Changez’ joke to one day become a dictator of an Islamic nation with nuclear capability is misconstrued by his friends. This exemplifies the lack of understanding and acceptance towards other races, especially Islamic races.
Changez’ identity becomes even more convoluted during and after the terrorist attack. Although he considers himself American, he is slightly joyful as he is witnessing the attack. Not only does Changez feel hostility against America, but America oppresses Islamic minorities. Despite his attempt at assimilation, he is stopped at the airport coming back to America after the terrorist attack. He is faced
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Based on the ideas of Karl Marx, the conflict theory focuses on the inequalities between groups. The inequalities create tension and the oppressed group searches for ways to close the gap. That creates even higher tensions as the wealthier worry about the livelihood or power. Research shows that conflict and racism is more likely when people are pessimistic about the economy. In other words, people are less likely to feel threatened by others when they are optimistic about the future of the economy (Filindra, p.
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