Changi Airport Analysis

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Guards in the airport; Refer to Figure 1 in Appendix.

1.1 State why you have chosen this particular security feature.

Safety and security is an upmost priority for all tourists and travellers. Although terrorism is not very happening in Singapore, we should not take safety for granted. Having guards to patrol around the airport will not only reassure and gain the trust of air travellers but also give them a sense of security. Regular patrols will also minimise the chances of terrorism attacks.

2. Describe other security features (different from Question 1 above) at the airport that you have observed during your visit to Changi Airport. These security features MUST be in the Terminal that you have chosen.
Other security features include
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3.1 How does Changi Airport compare in terms of services and amenities for the disabled with the foreign airport that you have selected from Annex 1 above? (Note that a HIGHER weightage of the marks will be given to research done on the foreign airport.)
In order to cater to the needs of the elderly and physically challenged, Changi Airport provides several services and amenities such as wheelchairs, handicapped toilets (Figure 3.4), ramps (Figure 3.7), user-friendly lifts (Figure 3.8), water cooler (Figure 3.6) and telephone (Figure 3.5) that is within reached for the handicapped.
In Johannesburg Airport, there are parking bays and pay stations for the disabled. There are also disabled pick-up and drop-off zones outside both the international and domestic terminals. Inside the terminals, there are handicapped toilets throughout all levels of the terminals and accessible telephones that is within reach for the disabled. Not only that, there are wheelchair ramps, lifts with braille signs and travelators in the terminals so minimum walking is required. Passengers who require assistance boarding and disembarking from aircraft can make the necessary arrangements. There are also shuttle bus that runs every 15 minutes 24/7. Not only that, disabled golf cart services are provided which operates between the terminals and the car hire areas. Lastly, persons with a disability who requires help can dial the 24
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Being the world’s most awarded airport, it is important to consistently upgrade ourselves with on-going efforts to grow Singapore’s Air hub. Quoted by Changi Airport Group 's chief executive officer, Lee Seow Hiang, “Faced with intensifying competition, we challenged ourselves to rethink what an airport can be - not just as a gateway for flights but as a tourism destination on its own." As one of Singapore’s main source of revenue comes from the inbound tourists, it is important to create more tourists attractions to entice these group of people. Not only that, as quoted by Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, "We are operating in a dynamic and increasingly competitive environment. Passengers today are spoilt for choice as air hubs around the world actively pursue new ways to boost their appeal as destinations and as transit points." The Project Jewel will be an iconic must-visit attraction that will attract more passengers to choose Singapore as a stopover point and the facilities for airport operations in Project Jewel will also strengthen Changi Airport’s existing service offerings to enhance the passenger

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