Changing Attitudes About Sex: Rhetorical Analysis

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Generational Attitude Changes About Sex "Changing Attitudes about Sex" an article from Obesity, Fitness, & Wellness Week (2015), informs the reader that the growing acceptance for same-sex sexual relations, premarital sex, and a greater number of sexual partners is due to the growing inevitable need for individualism in younger generations. From the trivial topic of mandatory uniforms in school to the foremost political debate over same-sex marriage the controversial word that unites the topics is individualism. Most people feel as if they have the freedom to be themselves in every aspect of everything they do. People express themselves and communicate to others not only through what they say but as well as what they wear and how they carry themselves. Ranging from the people born in the 1900 's to people born as late as 1990 's as each generation grows so does the acceptance for premarital sex, multiple sexual partners, and same-sex…show more content…
Rhetorical Strategies Logos, Pathos, Ethos With ethos being the main rhetorical strategy in this article, the author relies on the credibility of professors who study generational changes to engage the reader in understanding the reasons for changing sexual views. By saying, "Ryne Sherman from Florida Atlantic University and Brooke E. Wells from Hunter College" ("Changing Attitudes," 2015 para. 2) the author makes the reader feel a sense of reassurance as professors are normally seen as experts. Authors generally use statistics from professors of known and unknown colleges and universities in order to strengthen their own credibility. Logos was a prominent rhetorical strategy used in the article as well. The article Changing Attitudes about Sex (2015) mentions, "The results were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior" leading readers to believe the statistics used have some significance because results were published. Also by giving the shifts in generational opinions over the years makes the authors reasoning more
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