Personal Narrative: My Challenges In Life

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Growing up I faced many challenges in life, and nothing was really that easy at all. I guess you can say I was one of those kids who didn’t have the choice to act mature. My life was full of constant challenges, from not having anything to working for what I have now. Around 2006 my father was offered a better job in North Carolina, and my parents decided it was for the best. One night we packed our things and headed out for a “better” life. Once we arrived the challenges of our life began. Like usual everything was going great, and we were happy to be living with a relative. Everything seemed okay until one-day things just started to fall apart. My father's job was no longer paying him the same amount, our family relative wanted us out of…show more content…
Since this time in life, I made it a goal to help not only my family but others in need out too. For I know what it is like to have absolutely nothing. In order for myself to achieve this goal in life, I would love to continue my education and graduate from college to get a great job. I know it would take a lot of studying, but I know that it will all pay off in the end. I want to be able to make a change in this world; even if it means starting off with something small. As I was growing up I would always help anyone out in need. Many times I volunteered with a group of people to do volunteer town clean up. This was a very great experience for me because it required me to work as a team to accomplish something. I knew I was not receiving anything in return, but I did it anyway because it made me feel great for helping to make a place more homelike for everyone. I also volunteered at a food pantry, and this was my all time favorite thing to do, for I would not be receiving anything, but I was helping to give back to people who needed it. While volunteering it also gave me a chance to be a leader, and have to take charge of a big role to make sure we did things perfectly. One day I was asked to be in charge of decorating a church for a special event. I gathered a couple of people and showed them the ideas I had for decorating, but also heard their ideas. Together we all
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