Changing Gender Roles In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The novel Of Mice and Men would change drastically if Lennie and George were to change genders. As a women, Curley’s wife didn’t pay much attention to Lennie. She is known as a person who would “feel right aroun’ there an’ see how soft it is.” (Steinbeck, 90) Her actions illustrated how she can be a seductive person because she was the one who took Lennie’s hand and placed it on her head. If she didn’t take his hand, then Lennie wouldn’t have began, “stroking her hair,” (Steinbeck, page 90) which wouldn’t have provoked Lennie into touching and strangling her. This caused Lennie to cover her mouth and twist her neck, resulting in her death. If Lennie was a woman, he probably wouldn’t have been able to kill Curley’s wife because there are women
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