Media Changing Global Culture

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Media in the Changing Global Culture
Researcher: April Rose Magpantay
Over the past years, media has been one of the core aspects that is linked to the changing global culture. According to G. Sparks (2006), media is undeniably the most puissant means for influence and change. Global culture has been continuously changing for decades and media as the foremost agent of persuasion and information to people, are also affected in a sense that media, as cited by Maslog (2007), no longer enclose the audience just in televiewing or radio streaming, but also through the digital development, in the form of new media.
Globalization can be inferred as a foundation in understanding media in the changing global culture since this is precisely the
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In the idea, globalization is simply tagged as “globalization through informatization” and in order to realize this, a computerization that links the key aspects of the state is necessary and it is through the new media or the development of the information and communication technology. In addition to this, incorporating the statement of Jan (2009), the process of globalization is greatly linked in the unifying progress among cultures through media.
To see media clearly in order to further understand its connection to globalization, a statement according to Marshall McLuhan as cited by G. Sparks (2006), explains that the transitions in the history is just the same as the transitions that happened in media specifically from print to electronic to new media. This elaborates that the change in global culture that is linked to globalization has something to do with media development which has new media and technology as its most foremost innovation so far.
Connected as well to globalization is the matter on the variety of media contents in the global market that are from the big media corporations that has played a large part in the
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There are also international treaties in order to address the concerns on the damages brought by inappropriate use of the communication media.
Additionally, the latest governing body on global media regulation is the International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in which it embodies and protects the people, engaged in the new media.
According to Maslog C. (2007), the present time is currently for the cyber age where the most powerful media is in line with the developing technology which is very pervasive, and adapting to the new information system is becoming the survival kit for all the people, both consumers and businessmen. They also added that this new media, house even the young people and not just the adults or grownups that made it for all. However, the cyberspace has adverse effects and negative sides where there are “cyber junks” as loopholes of the system. The continuous upgrade and development of new innovations can be considered as a maintenance action in order to cope with the technical needs of the people in the media as well as of the system

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