Changing Mobility Practice

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Thinking about changing mobility practices: how asocial practice approach can help

Critical Summary

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The paper is based on a critical summary of an article “Thinking about changing mobility practices: how a social practice approach can help” by Sarah Nettleton and Judith Green by means of Bourdieu’s theory of practice. It creates the emphasize on society to focus on the healthcare promotional activities like running, walking and cycling in order to reduce the effect of different healthcare issues that are increasing from day to day in the society.
Summary of the article
It can be summarize by studying the
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As Bourdieu observe that usually the society focus on health and human behavior when it comes to analyze the reasons of any increasing health disorder however, it is important for the society to focus on the idea of having a healthy life than having theories full of ideas. Therefore, it is argued that there should be more focus on the society to increase the opportunities for people so is to provide them a chance to adopt different healthy habits like running, walking, cycling and other. It is observe in different researches and data collection that running and cycling is one of the most prominent and useful method for people and children obesity and overweight issues. Moreover, it is further analyze that authorities should arrange green path and walking track at parks and other grounds so is to encourage people to adopt walking and running habits (Nettleton & Green,…show more content…
It is important for the authorities of the society to enhance the work on healthcare promotion so is to increase awareness among people. Moreover, it is observe that authorities might get positive response of people and the dream of a healthy society might be achieved. Moreover, it will further put positive impact on the ratio of increasing healthcare issues in the society including obesity in all ages. It will help the society to reduce the increasing healthcare issues and will able to achieve a healthy and prosper

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