Changing Society In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

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In life some writers try to change society. Charles Dickens the author of A Christmas Carol and George Sims “A Christmas Day in the Workhouse” helped change people’s minds through their writing. There writing helped people realize that the poor was treated cruelly and would work for long hours, and that no one rich or in the middle class would help. Charles Dickens and George Gims wanted to make a positive change in society. Charles Dickens argues in his writing A Christmas Carol that the poor was being treated cruelly and the rich does not care for the poor. Pg 34 “We should make some slight provisions for the poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at this present time”. This statement shows that the poor and destitute were not provided with anything and they suffered a lot.”If they would rather die they better do it, and decrease the surplus population”.…show more content…
Line 40 “last winter my wife laid dying, starved in a filthy den; I have never been to a parish i came to a parish them. This statement shows that paupers lived in an unclean place with no food provided. Where is my wife you traitor the poor old wife you slew? Yes by God above me my nance was killed by you!” this statement demonstrates that the masters and the guardians would treat them horribly which caused many people in the workhouse to die. I came to the parish craving for bread, for a starving wife, bread for a woman who loved me through fifty years of life and what do you think they told me mocking me awful grief. That the house was open to us but they wouldn’t give out relief”. This statement exemplifies that the rich have no regard for the poor at all and all they care about is work and money. George sims helped the rich people realize that the people who worked in the workhouse would not be provided with whatever they
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