Chanterella Dance Monologue

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Ever since I was a little girl I was involved in dance. From attending Melinda’s School of Dance in Humboldt to Michelle’s Dance Connection in Algona and then going back to Humboldt to Chanterella’s Dance Studio. I’ve alway dreamt of being on the danz squad. During my eighth grade year, I was so excited because that was the year I was able to try out. The try-outs were in the spring so I wanted school to hurry fastly. I wasn’t the only one trying out. Kat Wille also did. If it wasn’t for Kat and I to convince Aubrey McEnroe and Grace Menke to try out, they wouldn’t be dancing. We were all so excited to try out and we all four made the team. That is just a little part of background to making the team. Throughout summer we did different performances,
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