Chanukkah Tree Book Report

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I decided to read The Chanukkah Tree because I wanted to learn more about the Jewish culture and religion. The identity group that the book depicts are men, women, and children who are Jews. The Chanukkah tree is about the people of Chelm who were tricked by a peddler into buying a Christmas tree by stating that the tree was a Chanukkah tree from America. The people of Chelm were excited and started to decorate their Chanukkah tree using candles for light, latkes, a door of the synagogue, which has a Star of David carved on it, and dreidels. When they found out that the peddler lied to them, they later realized the beauty of the Chanukkah tree. The morale of the story is to be open to new things because you never know what could come out of
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