Chaos And Savagery In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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William Golding uses the theme that humans are naturally bad at heart, in the book Lord of the Flies to highlight that without the order and respect we choose to live our daily lives with our human nature will ultimately take us into chaos and savagery. Morals are what we choose to live by, this is what keeps us accountable. Morals do not appear overnight. Overtime they are ingrained throughout our childhood. Giving us a sense of right and wrong. Humans are not born with the idea of looking out for the welfare of others, we naturally want to satisfy ourselves. Respect and rules are important, in running an orderly society. Many leaders will demand respect, earning respect far succeeds that of demanding, in ruling a society. Morals give us a sense of right and wrong. This is taught to us as children, and repeated until we understand right from wrong. In the book …show more content…

Ralph and Piggy held onto order, with the death of Piggy “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart and [...] the true, wise friend called Piggy.” (Pg. 202) Chaos and savagery show the true darkness of man’s heart, bringing out the ugliest within us. This is a powerful ending to a meaningful book that wraps multiple themes into one statement. Including darkness of man’s heart and that order is chosen. We weren’t born in tuxedo’s, our appearance show’s how we have chosen to live our lives. Ralph meets the sailor wearing a “white topped cap [...] [with] gold foliage. [...] [And] a uniform.” (Pg. 200) Dress to impress, what you wear will have an effect on what others think of you. Order is associated with cleanliness and style. Ralph’s liberated from harm by the sailor. the only boy who was still clinging to his beliefs of order and respect. The last one to still be intent on fleeing the island back to safety. Furthermore the tone changed from desperate to

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