Chaos In Agamemnon

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In book one of the Iliad, the book describes Agamemnon’s irrational kidnapping of Chryses’ daughter, Chryseis, as a war prize. Unfortunately, Agamemnon’s egotistical actions causes a domino effect of chaos in the Greek camps. To provide context, the god Apollo despises the Greeks during this time. Chryses, a priest of Apollo, asks his god for help and revenge against the Greeks. Then Apollo gladly throws down heavenly arrows that kill the Achaeans instantly. Because of the large amount of casualties and deaths already, the Greeks plead to the general to return Chryseis. Even Chryses’ request does not faze the warrior and grows angrier. “‘The girl-I won’t give up the girl. Long before that, old age will overtake her in my house, in Argos, far
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