Chaos In Julius Caesar Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s, “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,” Mark Antony’s use of rhetoric unleashes chaos upon Rome, as he exploits the fickle nature of public opinion by giving the impressionable people of Rome the false choice of mutiny or no mutiny and ignites violent mob mentality through his eloquent speech. For the purpose of avenging the conspirators in tribute to Caesar, Antony persuades the crowd to revolt. Antony claims that if he “were disposed to stir / Your hearts and minds to mutiny and rage, / I should do Brutus wrong, and Cassius wrong”(3.2, 124-126, 50). Antony gives the people of Rome the false choice of mutiny or no mutiny, imposing them to believe that if they do not defy Cassius and Brutus they will be doing themselves and Caesar wrong. In fear that they will be harming themselves, the crowd begins to revolt, resulting in utter chaos. Provoked by the false choice, the enraged citizens exclaim, “Revenge!…show more content…
Kill! / Slay!”(3.2, 206-207, 52). Owing to Antony’s speech, the people of Rome want to kill the conspirators and inflict disorder to Rome, thus going in a tumult. The people of Rome create the unruly environment by destroying Rome and making horrific actions, notably randomize killing, egoistically motivated by Antony’s false choice.. Additionally, Mark Antony’s eloquence coaxes the crowds to align with him and Caesar and ignites violent mob mentality. Antony manipulates the crowd, with their submissiveness in mind. Antony begins to make the crowd to question Brutus and his dialectic behind killing Caesar. The “honourable” men claim to have killed Caesar due to his ambition, however “on the Lupercal / I thrice presented him a kingly crown, / Which he did thrice refuse. Was this ambition?”(3.2, 98-100, 50). Antony uses logos appeal by stating facts, which makes the crowd think for themselves, unlike they normally do. The crowd starts to question whether they should believe Brutus or not, as Caesar was offered to be king but still
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