Chaos In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Ralph moves out of the way, but Piggy, without glasses, cannot see it coming and the “rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee” leaving him to die (Golding 181). In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a plane crashes on an island, leaving a large group of boys stranded with no adults. Ralph is chosen to become leader and Piggy becomes the brains behind him. Another boy named Jack slowly takes power over Ralph and creates a new tribe that paints their faces and lives more savage-like, rather than more civilized like Ralph. They hunt pigs, getting very violent and aggressive. They also steal Piggy’s glasses, for making fire, and when Ralph and Piggy ask for the glasses back, Roger, a member of Jack’s tribe, rolls a giant rock right onto Piggy, resulting in killing Piggy. Roger is innocent in this act because of the situation he is put…show more content…
There are conditions in which cruelty and violence become very present, “Chaos is one, fear is another” (Golding). Chaos and fear can cause the boys on the island to become aggressive, leading Roger to Piggy’s death. Chaos is especially present on the island when the boys are hunting down a pig and doing insane dances with chants. The boys all chant and dance, which makes them more violent than ever before on the island. Fear also comes into play when all the boys believe that there is a big beast that comes in the night. At first, they did not believe it, but as time went on, they saw more and more signs that it was real, even though it was not. Many of the boys are scared, which leads them to think that one of the boys is the beast that they are all scared of. They kill the boy, which shows that fear and chaos not only affect Roger, but some of the other boys, too. This all causes Roger to become more violent, which is out of his own hands because of the conditions that he is put in, therefore not his
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